Northmen Collectibles
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Serving the Canadian toy collecting community needs.

At Northmen Collectibles we are collectors ourselves first and foremost. 

While there are some great comic shops across Canada a lot of them do not ship online, do not make all of their inventory available online or do not allow you to pre-order. We have also noticed over years of collecting that more often than not you end up better off importing your figures from the US.

We want to offer Canadians, specifically the Toronto market with our local pick up option, a place that collectors can reliably pre-order their figures at a fair price. We might not always be the cheapest, but we can guarantee you we will never be the most expensive.

Northmen Collectibles is not just about buying and selling though, the long term goal is to actually create an active community that members can visit for news, articles, contests, trades, or just hang out. 

491 Queen St W
647 243 6201