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    Toronto producer singer songwriter Gene Hughes and friends used the place for music writing and rehearsing from 1990 to '96. Demos were made during this time using multi-track cassette recorders. In '97, the pro reel-to-reel analogue decks came with the Soundtracks recording console. Gene's band Telejet recorded their first album "Meeting Place" and began recording John McMullin's classic "Beginners" album to tape. Mixes went down to a Studer half track and DAT. Gradually over time, more and more musician friends came to rely on the studio which eventually became known as Telejet Music Studio. Many albums, singles and musical projects have been completed over the years. Presently, the studio is equipped with all the modern gear one needs to create any style of record. We are very proud of all the work we have done. Our records have been released internationally and streamed and aired throughout the world.  
    492 Queen St W
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