Mucho Burrito
Fresh Mexican Grill 
Mucho authentic Mexican food you love to share with with your familia or amigos.
Best known for...
  • Fresh healthy ingredients
  • Fire-roasted cooking
  • Authentic traditional cuisine
  • #Dining

    MUCHO REAL, MUCHO FRESH! We prefer the old way, and the best way to make mucho good and mucho fresh is with real food. Food free of artificial preservatives, fake flavours, and artificial fat substitutes. The mayans never used MSG so why should we?

    Including all-natural salsas made with 100% real and fresh ingredients and traditional fire-roasted cooking techniques. And our guacamole made or prepared FRESH with mucho love on-site daily.

    Like our 100% grain-fed chicken, our Canadian triple A beef and our tilapia that is farm raised. Our real meat with REAL MEXICAN SEASONING means real flavour and a real good feeling about what you’re eating.

    263 Queen St W
    416 335 4533