Black Bull Hotel & Tavern
Legendary Pub 
Toronto's Oldest Waterhole
Best known for...
  • 200 year legacy
  • Famous patio
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    Located on the northeast corner of Queen and Soho, the Black Bull is as much of a fixture in this cool 'hood as the tourists and trendanistas -- probably the reason why it's always busy with brewsters.

    The fires of Queen West Between 2005 and today's fire at Queen West and Peter Streets, there have been at least eight major fires, destroying dozens of businesses and homes, including heritage buildings, and causing millions of dollars in damage.READ MORE »
    The Black Bull of Yore York was a hospitable place in the old days, for the places of entertainment in every section of town were very much more numerous, when compared to the population, than they are now. Up to a recent period, when it was succeeded by a brick building, bearing the same name, however there stood at the north-east corner of Queen and Soho streets the antique-looking inn, shown in the illustration, with a swinging sign and wooden water trough and pump in front. This was the Black Bull Hotel, a favourite stopping place for farmers on their way to town from the west and north-west.READ MORE »
    298 Queen St. West
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