The Peter Pan Bistro
Bistro Restaurant 
Stalwart 1930s bistro reborn under chef Noah Goldberg decorated with arresting wall tapestries.
Best known for...
  • Classic European cuisine with a modern twist
  • Responsible use of raw ingredients
  • Second floor private events venue
  • #Lunch#Dinner#Fine Dining#Bistro#Patio

    With a nod to its place in Toronto’s food history, the completely reestablished Peter Pan Bistro brings a contemporary update to the classic traditions of dining out. Peter Pan demonstrates that accomplished cooking does not require a fine dining atmosphere and aims to balance these elements by refining the neighbourhood restaurant.

    Peter Pan subscribes to the "nose-to-tail" philosophy, popularly readopted over the past few years. This approach extends beyond simply the consumption of meat, instead embracing the responsible use of all raw ingredients. More than an education through food, what some take as byproducts of cooking, nose-to-tail sees as ingredients in the search for pleasure.

    Firm in its foundations of British and French principles, Peter Pan forgoes the unnecessary in its approach. Simple intervention should trump the elaborate wherever possible and Peter Pan looks to do this by honoring and reimagining classic dishes by means of modern playful twists. The homage to classic European cuisine, as well as its newer and cheekier elements, restores Peter Pan back into the evolving Canadian contemporary food scene.

    373 Queen St. West
    416 792 3838