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Out of Site / Nuit Blanche 2017
Updated Aug 25th, 2017


Nuit Blanche is coming soon, on Saturday September 30th, and we will be continuing our Out of Site series for its eighth year!

The art program this year (tentatively) includes the following:

1. Donna Akrey, Sorry. Outer Layer, 577 Queen St W.

2. Leah Bartlett, Dogs Playing Poker. Alex Wilson Community Garden. 556 Richmond St W.

3. Keith Cole, All The Things That Go Unnoticed That Want to Be Noticed. Various locations.

4. Maya Ben David, Snake Girl’s Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Arc’teryx. 339 Queen St W.

5. Anitra Hamilton, Cock Robin. Roma Rush, 504 Queen St W.

6. Laura Kikauka, The-Never- Ending-Red-Carpet. Various locations including corner of Queen & Soho and Graffiti Alley.

Each year we apply for an extension of hours on behalf of bars/clubs/restaurants within our BIA, to permit the sale and service of alcohol until 4am.  If you are interested to participate in this program, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

We encourage all business in our BIA to host additional artwork and events during Nuit Blanche.  Please let us know if you are planning something that should be included in our program.