Published Sep 26th, 2017

Out of Site 2017: Contemporary Art & Music on Queen St. West

September 30, 2017 from 8pm to 4am (during Nuit Blanche)


The Queen St. West B.I.A. is pleased to announce its 9th annual all-night exhibition of art and music by Canadian independent artists during Nuit Blanche.


Out of Site 2017 is curated by Earl Miller and will consider the theme of “play,” featuring artwork by outstanding Canadian independent artists and collectives.


Commissioned Works:

1. Donna Akrey, Public Art / Nonument.  A public sculpture installation in which the word “sorry” is spelled out in large letters. Installed in a parking lot, these letters are intermittently carried around Queen Street West by performers.


2. Leah Bartlett, Dogs Playing Poker.  A participatory theatrical recreation of the famed kitsch “dogs playing poker” painting.


3. Keith Cole.  All The Things That Go Unnoticed That Want To Be Noticed.  A performative walking tour of the Queen Street West area that not only entertains but also raises engaging questions about this urban space.  Among many other things, the performance seeks answers from the neighbourhood’s past to some of today’s pressing social questions.


4. Maya Ben David, Snake Girl’s Hyperbolic Time Chamber.  A performance comprising a revenge-based wrestling narrative where she plays a snake that will battle Nazi scientists to be freed from a giant transparent bubble.


5. Anitra Hamilton, Cock Robin.  A photo collage of a robin atop a grenade provides a commentary on the inherent violence of nature and how that violence often underlies beauty and innocence.


6. Laura Kikauka, The-Never-Ending-Red-Carpet.  A tribute and parody of fashion, addressing the infamous adage, “One person’s definition of good taste is another one’s bad taste.” Kikauka will create wearable garments, “MODified redi-mades” with found objects.


Nuit Blanche Independent Projects:


Studio F Minus, Disturbing Graffiti.  Exploring the use of light as a medium for public art in an urban setting, CITYLights Toronto will create a site-specific installation to illuminate features, public art, and buildings in Graffiti Alley.


Harley Valentine, Future writing exercises on Terrazzo Tower.  Valentine engages with the Cordian element of Terrazzo Tower, rearranging the sculptural piece within its unique urban/pastoral setting.


Cherish Violet Blood, Kitakio'sinnooniks.  A theatrical parody on evening entertainment for roaming insomniacs alike broadcast live from Campbell House Museum over 12 hours. Programming includes audience interviews, invited guests, a midnight tea party, live music, and film screenings.


Several venues along Queen St. West will also be participating with additional art and have applied for extended hours of alcohol service until 4 AM: Nocturne, Bovine Club, Barchef, The Rivoli, Horseshoe Tavern, Wild Wing, and Queen Mother Café.


Art and Entertainment thrive on vibrant Queen West, the historic area that has spearheaded Toronto’s trendsetting culture, and bourgeoning subcultures, for decades.  Known for its mixture of fashion shops, galleries and indie music bars, Queen West is a major shopping district while retaining its unconventional roots, and is a world-renowned hub day and night.


For further information please contact:


Earl Miller, Curator,


Spencer Sutherland, Queen St West B.I.A.,